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In the museum shop at Molen de Valk you’ll find all kinds of mill souvenirs, such as postcards, books, posters, Delftware and models of mills. This website offers you the possibility to download (fees apply) the movie 'Mills', which is playing at the museum.


Buy the public film 'Mills'

The public film 'Mills' is being shown in Molenmuseum De Valk since 2014 and marks an important step in the renovation of the museum. The movie is available in four languages (Dutch, English, German and French) and with this film the museum meets the expectations of the more than 25,000 visitors a year, of which 70 percent is from abroad.
In eleven minutes the film tells you about the development of mills and the role that mills have played in the history of the Netherlands. The explanation of the
operation of the various types of windmills goes along with beautiful images of these mills. You’ll also learn that these windmills made it possible for the Netherlands to become a major world power in the Dutch Golden Age. Thanks to their important role in the past and their striking appearance, mills will never be forgotten.
The film can be viewed in our museum. If you can not visit the museum, you can download (for payment) the movie at this website.



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Watch the whole movie in our museum
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